Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to the US Tomorrow

Well it's been a great trip here in Peru. We accomplished what we had hoped and more, and we've seen and learned great things. We took plenty of pictures and videos that will be uploaded as soon as we get back to the US and have a  proper internet connection to do so.

This morning, we took on a more "tourist-y" role, and did some sight-seeing at the Islas de Ballistas. This was spectacular. We saw all kinds of marine life, including dolphins, sea lions, and even penguins. We also learned a lot about Peruvian history and culture, which helped complete our Peruvian experience.

At the school, we fixed the small leaks the drip irrigation system had, so it can now automatically provide an even distribution of water to the flowers and trees we planted in their garden. All toilets have been installed in both the boys' and girls' bathrooms, and faucets have been replaced in the administration building.

We were greeted with a formal thank you ceremony put on by the school, complete with their national anthem, prayers, and many speeches of gratitude. We had a nice lunch with the Director and some of the professors, as they continued to express their gratitude.

This was truly an amazing experience, and I believe the students and the community have learned and benefited from our presence and accomplishments. We will all really miss being here and interacting with the students; it has become our home away from home.

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