Sunday, December 13, 2009

Check us out in The Daily Texan!

That's right, PUC is starting to generate some major publicity after our Concert for a Cause. The staff at The Daily Texan did an amazing article explaining the benefit event and the class itself, along with the hopes and goals that will result. Read it here.

It's almost weird; the more word gets out, and the more people there are outside of the class that know about our efforts, the more REAL it seems.

Thanks again to all who came out and to those helping make this all a success!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

We're well on our way!

So the Concert for a Cause was a success!! We had three great bands, Kalua, Cameron Vail, and When the Lights Turn Red, along with an awesome collection of silent auction items donated, ranging from framed pictures to rugs to chairs, almost all of which were sold. We had a great turnout, and raised a little over $1200, but more importantly, got the word out for our cause.

But even better news...two of our members are guaranteed going to Peru in January!!! A big thanks to our local stakeholder, Steve Crowell, the CEO of PlusPetrol, who is willing to pay for their travel expenses, so that we can make our initial reconnaissance trip sooner and more effieciently begin the designs of the project when we return to school in January.

We're also hoping to raise more money over the winter break, by speaking at our local Rotary clubs, applying for grants, and hopefully hearing back from some companies that wish to support us. With the initial trip well under way, this project is starting to feel less like another school assignment and more like reality! As each day approaches we are getting more and more excited about what we are doing and the amazing community that we are helping. Thanks to all who have donated so far, and thanks in advance to those who will donate it the future!!

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