Sunday, January 31, 2010

Semester Agenda

Our team is back from winter break, and back working hard to see this project through to completion. We've gained a few new members to our team, Cynthia Castro, Luke Chanarin, and Matthew Juran, who are just as dedicated to the project as we are. We've also gained the mind and direction of another UT professor, Dr. John Burgin. While fundraising is constantly on our minds and agenda, we are also learning new skills so that we have a better knowledge of drinking water systems, and can implement our project in the most effective ad sustainable manner. We have already visited a lab and learned about the different methods of collecting and testing water to ensure that its quality is within our country's standards. We also look forward to learning about everything from water tanks, pipes, and cistern systems to wastewater treatment and pumps, and even design workshops covering layout and components, building based off our constraints, alternatives, and sizing and specification. This information is all invaluable and will improve our understanding throughout this project and possibly our careers, despite the final outcome of the project.

We are doing our best to make certain our project is implemented in the best way possible, but it is up to each and everyone of our potential supporters to make certain that we actually have the financial means to do so. Please donate to this cause and help provide potable water to the hundreds of students that desperately need it; it is much appreciated!!!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

1st Peru Trip January 11-17th 2010

After much hard work: fundraising, logistics, communications, scheduling, researching, etc.
We finally had Adrian Frias, and myself, Rosaura Estrada go to Peru.

The link above will show you our pictures and videos.
We met so many people and found out so many crucial information.
It truly was a blessing meeting so many positive and enthusiastic people.
Within one week I learned an immense amount: how a community deals with problems, how the municipality of Paracas distributes water, how much the people suffer from lack of water, a little about how the pipping and storage system for water works, how the government interacts with its community and surrounding businesses, how the culture of a country can resonate beautifully from its food to its music to its people. And I also learned that there are so many people out there like Dr. Ellzey or Steve Crowell cheering for us and helping us meet our goals of helping communities internationally.
I can't wait for the summer.
I invite everyone and anyone to learn more about this beautiful movement that is taking place at UT Austin: Engineering students using their knowledge and skills to positively impact communities around the world.

To the Peru team: I hope everyone is as enthusiastic and ready as I am.

These people need our help and like Mr. Armando Estrada (Community Relations Chair of Pluspetrol) said, we are the future and its up to us. They are here to help us to learn and do as much as we can.

Nunca Pierdan las ganas. NEVER loose that perseverance and motivation to help others.

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