Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting some first-hand knowledge

Over the past month, we've been learning so much information to better prepare us for Peru. A couple simulation modules have been created using our findings from the reconnaissance trip so that we can estimate the supplies we need. We also had a workshop on connecting PVC pipes, along with learning about the various types and sizes of connections, so we're all "experts" now.

Recently, we ventured out to Lady B. Johnson Wildflower Center so that we could better grasp the concept of a continuously used cistern system. We learned about each component of the system, as well as any flaws that have been discovered regarding the system in its environment.

These experiences will help us not only as we focus on our trip to Peru but also as we continue our lives after the project. Water is a part of life and well-being, the conservation of water is a issue that must always be on our minds, and knowing more about the systems that deliver the water can only improve the efforts.

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